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Database Scripts - Generate Scripts for Flat File Databases

User Guide
Name of your database / shop? eg: My Shop
URL at your site to link scripts to? (optional) eg: http://www.yoursite.com
How many fields in each row of the datafile?
Delimiter / Field Separator: eg: | for pipe or t for tab or "," for csv etc.
Display how many items / products per page? eg: 20 (For browse and search scripts) Defaults to 1 for product script.
Name of datafile? eg: datafile.txt
Remove 1st line of database file?Yes (If the first line is the names of the fields)
Create browse script? Name of script? eg: browse.cgiYes   Must have .cgi or .pl extension.
Page Width / Table Width (pixels): eg. 800
How many items displayed per table row? 4 recommended for browse/search scripts. Defaults to 1 for product script.
If your database is shopping, what is the currency?
Colors of your scripts generated pages:
 Text Link Active Link Visited Link 
Pick color
Pick color
Pick color
Active Link
Pick color
Visited Link
Pick color
Include a search box?Yes
If yes, what is the name of the search script? eg: search.cgi Must have .cgi or .pl extension.