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Database Scripts are created in Perl and are made to work with flatfile databases of small to medium size of up to about 100,000 records. Our generator can create 3 scripts to browse and search a database and a product script to display individual items. Our scripts are ideal for creating an online store/shop to sell products to your customers and for setting up affiliate based stores using datafeeds from sites like Shareasale, Linkshare and Commission Monster. It is possible to set up a gallery of images with or without titles for just looking at, without prices, links or categories etc. Configurations can be created and customized to fit your needs.


  • Save and Reload your projects.
  • Ability to use internal or external Style Sheets.
  • Enable or disable Category and Sub-Category Menus in the browse script.
  • A Template can be used for the product script.
  • Ability to substitute an affiliate ID into the datafeed URL. eg: In a Shareasale datafeed, substitute "YOURUSERID" for your ID number.


    Demo 1
  • Demo 1 has all features.
  • A Browse, Search and Product script.
  • Browsable by Category and 2 Sub-Categories.
  • Has individual Product Pages with large image and more information about each product.
    Demo 2
  • Demo 2 is the same as Demo 1 except it does not have a Product script.
  • The Image and Title link directly to each products datafeed URL.
    Demo 3
  • Demo 3 is the same as Demo 1 except it does not browse by Category or Sub-Categories but still displays them.
    Demo 4
  • Demo 4 is the same as Demo 3 except it does not display the Category or Sub-Categories.
    Demo 5
  • Demo 5 is configured to just display an Image and a Title and is not clickable to any URL, although it could link to a Product script or datafeed URL if desired.

    Video Instructions

  • Explains features, view the demos.
  • How to study your datafeed.
  • Filling in the form. / Continued.
  • Generate scripts and configure variables.
  • Upload to your server and run.
  • Using the template.

    Important Points

  • Study your datafeed!
  • Are there enough categories for browsing by Category or Sub-Category?
  • Decide yourself which field in the database is best as the top Category, not just because the field is called Category.
  • If the products have different brands/manufacturers this can make a good Sub-Category to browse.
  • If the datafeed has 2 prices, make sure you call the lesser price the Sale Price, not the other way round.
  • For more accurate searching, just make the Title Searchable rather than the title, description and extra text etc.
  • The Description appears above the image on the Product script & the Extra Text appears below. If you want the Description below the image, call it Extra Text.
  • On the Product script, it is best to keep it simple rather than displaying every field that is available in the datafeed.
  • The Browse script will handle '&' signs in the Category URLs by substituting them for a "|".
  • Make sure there are no weird characters in the Categories if you want to Browse by Categories.


  • We offer full support. If you have paid for a script set and you have mis-configured it during the making process or need help with editing the variables.
  • If you need help or advice in uploading the files to your server.

    Database Scripts Generator